The thesis addresses the issue of metal jewelry in Titanium, Niobium, Tantalum, and Zirconium, focusing on modifying the semi-precious metal surface properties and analyse the interference colors as a consequence of anodic oxidation treatments for the jewelry industry. The semi-precious jewels are subjected to long-lasting conditions: they can lose original luster becoming opaque, staining and scratching and some parts can be worn out by skin contact, or by di!erent surfaces or scraping agents. To take care of jewelry is essential to avoid collisions, but the total surface control makes a utopia to achieve during the daily routine. The research aims to investigate experimentally the wear mode, identifying the best metal with minimum variation level of the oxide layer and surface morphology. The tests examine the fatigue surface wear, the corrosion, and the sliding wear, simulating the conditions in which a precious may suer.

Francesca Randone

Prof. Barbara Del Curto
MariaPia Pedeferri
Maria Vittoria Diamanti

Academic Year

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