Development of a 100% bio-based composite as possible answer to sustainability issues: Biopolymer research is guided by the increasing request of sustainable products by both industry and responsible consumers. Recently, the use of biopolymers has been limited mainly to packaging, but their characteristics are worthy of an innovative and focused application. After an initial research phase, aimed to identify and analyse the state of art of the development and industrial applications of some biopolymers, PLA and cellulose have been selected for this research purpose. Following, an experimental stage on the development and testing of a composite involved PLA as matrix and cellulose as filler. Using an extruder, different ratios of composition have been achieved, up to 60% w/w. The material has been tensile tested so that its mechanical properties could be defined. A final stage based on the analysis of the mechanical and expressive aspects, has led to the definition of scenarios of applications for the composite object of research. 

Andrea Marinelli

Prof. Barbara Del Curto
Prof. Silvia Farè
PhD Romina Santi

Academic Year:

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