Design of a free-stand turret for heating the bathroom environment. The thesis project focuses on the design of a device for portable home heating designed specifically for the bathroom environment. The world of domestic heating sees the presence of a multitude of objects, from wall radiators to portable fan heaters, designed to ensure the thermal comfort of the user in all those situations where the central heating of the house is not sufficient. Let’s think of the mid seasons, or during the winter, when it is necessary to raise the temperature of the house by a few degrees. The bathroom, in particular, is the room of the house where you go for personal care and where the temperature differences are more evident as you undress for the bath or shower. It is in this environment that Fiaccola is inserted, a device that performs the main function of heating the environment in which it is placed, but that has as its ulterior objective the extension of thermal well-being to the lower area of the body and the restitution of a greater visual and olfactory well-being. In recent years, more and more devices have simplified product interfaces, almost minimal, in favor of digital interfaces, controllable from a distance. Fiaccola is part of the market of smart and iot products, with the possibility of being controlled and programmed via app and, connected to the home wi-fi, to communicate with other connected devices.

Davide Parenti

Venere Ferraro

Academic year: