The purpose of this thesis is investigating the current state of artificial intelligence tools with particular regard to the design field, and consequently inferring future applications.  Existing AI tools are mapped over the “double diamond“ graph, visualizing the distribution throughout the design process, highlighting areas that remain unexplored.  It emerges that only a few artificial intelligence applications have taken hold in design so far. Several possible applications are envisioned, to “fill the gaps” highlighted during the mapping process.   Augmented Mood Boards, a tool that creates original images of products as inspiration for the concept phase of design, is developed, exploring the potential of AI for the creative side of design.  The tool is tested with three designers, collecting feedback about tool’s potential, with considerations of ethical nature and cues related to additional features.  Overall, the project validates the efficacy of the implementation of AI in the creative phase of design.

Francesco Isgrò

Prof. Silvia Ferraris
Dr. Sara Colombo

Academic Year:

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