Design & Engineering

The first master of Politecnico di Milano that merges the competences of design, mechanics and materials engineering.

and goals

The aim of the Master Degree Course in Design & Engineering is to train new professional figures who hybridize design and engineering competences. New professionals able to manage the design activity through the whole product development process, that is: from the conceptual phase, up to the material selection, mechanical engineering and manufacturing studies and product documentation.

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Integrated education on three disciplines:


It provides a deeper knowledge about design culture and processes. The aim is to develop skills to design innovative products based on the understanding of: context, users’ needs and experiences, industrial and manufacturing processes.


The aim is to provide knowledge on methods and skills for mastering digital tools to perform engineering studies of product designs, including: building digital prototypes of products through 3D modeling and reverse modelling, performing analysis and simulation through virtual prototyping and finite element analysis techniques, and testing manufacturability.


The aim is to provide specific knowledge, methods and technical skills on materials properties, criteria for material selection focused on Design&Engineering innovative applications, nanotechnologies and functional materials and surfaces technologies.

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