In the last decades, globalization led to a new era of cross-cultural design collaborations. Team’s cultural heterogeneity is an added value, since it guarantees a high variety of viewpoints. Nevertheless, it possibly causes a lower mutual understanding, because people could have different biases and mental models. The objective of the dissertation was to propose a design tool aimed at improving mutual understanding in
these teams. A biases-sharing tool, Mybias, was designed to solve the issue and tested during two workshops. Data analysis confirmed the effectiveness of the tool during cross-cultural collaborations. By sharing their biases using the designed layout, participants have built mutual understanding, with a consequential improvement in teamwork dynamics. Mybias is therefore a unique tool developed for cross-cultural teams, which helps designer to share their biases and to create a common ground since from the very beginning of the design process. The research suggests new practical solutions to improve cross-cultural teamwork.

Silvia Deborah Ferraris

Academic Year:


Thesis Abroad Program
Special Research Student at Kyoto University,
Graduate School of Informatics,
Department of Social Informatics,
Ishida & Matsubara Lab.

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