CFU 12.00

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Designing interactive products

The design studio covers the theme of the development of interactive products.

The focus of the course will be on two main aspects:

  • The experience that designers can generate through the use of three aspects: interaction with the product, the value of the product, the context of use.
  • The tools and platform for applied interaction (Arduino, Unity 3D)

The objective of the design studio is that students should:

  • learn how to design a meaningful user experience understanding how the product interacts (communicates) with users and the context in which the product will be used
  • handle the basics of physical computing

The course will be divided in three parts:

Methodology for interaction design

  • Exploring interaction: How the product interacts (communicates) with users and the context in which the product will be used.  (Tools and methods to analyse product)
  • Usability and User eXperience Assessment in Design Project: evaluate existing products and product usage.

Physical Computing and mechatronics

  • Learning how to handle different typologies of sensor and actuators and how to connect them through the Arduino platform.
  • Learning how to interact and connect the Arduino platform (and the different boards) to Unity3D.
  • Using state of the art technologies and connect them through Unity3D and Arduino, e.g. LeapMotion and Kinect systems.

Project Development

  • Starting from the analysis of existing products: reconfigure the “interaction of the productâ€? based on the user experience.
  • Developing experiential prototypes