CFU 6.00

Tipologia: Corso Integrato
Insegnamento erogato in lingua Inglese

Disponibilità di materiale didattico/slides in lingua inglese

Disponibilità di libri di testo/bibliografia in lingua inglese

Possibilità di sostenere l'esame in lingua inglese

Disponibilità di supporto didattico in lingua inglese

The Course addresses to first year students in Design&Engineering Master Course in relation to their different academic backgrounds. The aim of the course is to deepen and merge languages and knowledge of students (Italians and foreigners) coming from several Design or Engineering disciplines.

The course will deal with theoretical and cultural aspects of Design, discussing some relevant issues, such as design definitions, product identity, product character, product aesthetics and product values. Aim of the course is to develop critical skills to interpret the context in which Design evolves nowadays, so that students will develop their own understating and point of view on their work as designers.

The course will develop in thematic lectures, exercises and a final research essay. The topic of the theoretical lectures will typically cover two days of course; it will have a specific list of references and a corresponding exercise to do at home individually. The topic of the research work will be discussed and set with the students. It will last several weeks and will be done in team.

The exercises will aim at investigate and deepen the content of the theoretical lectures trough: self-reflection, observation, analysis and synthesis of the given topic.

The research work will last several weeks and proceed as follows: activity kick-off, brief definition, review of work (research and writing of essay) research presentation.