CFU 12.00

Tipologia: Laboratorio
Insegnamento erogato in lingua Inglese

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The Course will introduce the issues of design product development with attention respect to the engineering, feasibility and production.

The Course will offer to the student the opportunities to capitalize expertise in both design, design method and technical development.

In the workshop the student will do:

- acquire capabilities to synthesize the different disciplines and technical expertise in a unique project, placing attention on the various aspects according with each phase

- acquire the ability to define the problematic issues of the project which require, for their solution, specialist expertise to integrate with the designer

- assimilate a methodological approach useful to set up and carry out product development and consciously integrating technical and expressive values​​.

Student will be asked to develop a design project oriented at the industrial feasibility with attention at the material selection for the design and production, at the working drawing and at the manufacturing.

Students will work in teams, teachers will give, practically, the specialized skills necessary for the development of each theme